3 Construction Technology Innovations Enhancing Productivity

For construction experts, whenever they encounter the term, “technology,” the first thing that comes to mind would be the recent technological innovations that have helped in improving overall productivity, safety, and efficiency in the construction site— these are BIM, drones, virtual reality, 3D printing, and many more.

Here are the top 3 construction technology innovations enhancing productivity.

  1. Robotic Total Stations

One of the innovative and useful technology in the field of construction industry would be total robotic stations. The software is being tested and developed to determine how to use them properly and control not only the RTS but CAD and 3D models as well.

This information can be loaded on any device, such as a tablet and it would give directions to the field worker. Contrary to popular belief, the interface is pretty simple and easy to understand. Project managers can be out in the field and just …

Why should you consider keeping an international data SIM card with you?

Are you travelling abroad? Of course, you can’t use your local network sim to contact anyone when you are abroad. You might also be worried about the heavy call charges that you will have to pay to contact your peers and loved ones. Let’s just ignore all these worries and bring in an international data sim card to let yourself free from all the worries while traveling.

An international sim is a compact and compressed chip that can be inserted in your mobile phone to reach your contacts just like global sim. Each SIM comes with a distinct number for its users. A simple dialing process is required to contact the desired recipient. The International SIM uses a straightforward process known as call back process to connect you to the desired recipient you want to contact with. The use of International Sim is very easy you just need to …