Practical Uses of Breakthrough Electronics

The steps to the modern invention of devices founded on earlier electronic inventions life infrared detection, night vision, and infrared heat mapping is the effect of over 200 years of prior research and development. For example, in 1800 Sir William Herschel discovered infrared rays. For the next 165 years, detectors were developed which could detect these infrared rays and translate them to use tools which could be used in real-life situations. In Samuel Langley and Charles Abbot invented detectors and sensors so strong that they could detect infrared radiation from a farm animal-a cow- from 400 feet away. It was understood that this technology could be used in many practical ways like detecting bodies caught in fire or not having night illumination, an infrared camera could detect enemies in warfare or helpless people who are lost a sea.

Modern Infrared Use

Today this technology is widespread and used daily in …