How to Do an IP Geolocation Lookup

Whether you simply want totrace someone’s IP address or you actually have a prevailing need to do so,you’ll need to know how to do an IP geolocation lookup. This will tell youwhere a site is hosted, which may or may not be anywhere near to where the sitewould seem to be hosted. Sometimes things are rerouted multiple times, but it’sstill theoretically possible to find out the actual IP address for most siteson the internet and where the host server is located. There are ways ofobscuring this information, but you can find it for most any site that peoplecan access outside of the dark web.Since not everyone knows even the basics about how to find this information,this article will walk you through the steps of how to do look up someone’s IPgeolocation

Finding an IP addres

The first step in doing an IP geolocation lookup is getting the IP address itself, and that’s actually a pretty straightforward process in spite of the fact that not everyone knows how to do that. The first step in this is opening the command prompt (in Windows, for which you simply type ‘cmd’ into the Start menu), or opening the network utility (on MacOS).

After you’ve opened the command prompt, simply type ‘tracert’ and the website address: for instance, to find the IP address for Wikipedia, type ‘tracert’ and it should come up after hitting the return/enter key.

Using the network utility, simply click on the ‘ping’ tab and enter the website’s address. Click ‘ping’ and the public IP address should come up.

Finding a Skype user’s IP

While it’s always usefulto know how to find a website’s IP address and geolocation, there are timesthat it may be useful to find this information for a Skype user. In order to dothis, find the username of the person whose IP address you require. You can do this by opening a conversation tabwith them and then clicking on the contact’s name, which should open a windowwith this information. Provided that the user is online, you can use theusername to find their IP address and simply use CyberHub’s Skype Resolver tool. There,you can enter the username and then click on ‘Resolve’. This should give youthe IP address, with which you can then look up the host server’s location.

Finding your own IP address

If you’re just trying to find your own IP address, you can do this too. Typing ‘what is my IP’ into a Google search will bring up your own IP address, but this is your public IP address and may differ from your private one. There are ways of finding this information on a MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android in the network settings (the specifics vary by device). Using a VPN will also change what this shows.

How to find the location

Once you have the IPaddress, you can find the location using any one of several free tools fordoing so. Among these are, and, the former of which allows you to enter thesite’s public IP address or for you to simply type the site’s URL to get the IPgeolocation. You can also try if you have the IP address already, and it willeven show you on a map where the server is physically located.

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