Merchants Have A New Way To Accept Payments

The days of the expensive rented credit card processing machine are gone. And, it is a good thing for many merchants who hated those machines and the credit processors behind them. Accepting credit cards was expensive and cut into store profits. The machines took counter space and went down periodically. Now, merchants can go online to find a payment processing company that works with the merchant’s own computer and website. Some systems have small credit card swipers and others do everything online. And, they accept payments in more ways than credit cards.

How Does it Work?

The merchant must go online to the payment processer’s website to sign up or subscribe to payment processing engines and shopping cart integration. They choose which applications will work for them. They can get software that allows them to accept credit cards, debit cards, and eCommerce applications. Customers will be able to use their payment plans for smartphones such as Apple Pay, MasterPass, and Visa Checkout. The hosting companies such as BlueSnap will offer fraud prevention apps as well as customer safety and privacy apps.

When businesses hook up to these global payment processing services, they can choose apps that let them sell worldwide with their website offerings as well as having in-store sales increase. Hosted checkouts have advantages for merchants looking to expand their businesses beyond the front door of their shops. Each merchant chooses the processing types they want to use. The reasonable charges from the host are based on the services rendered and the volume of sales.

Why Change?

Business people have been complaining about those credit card processing machines and the companies that furnish them for years. The companies got greedy, and the merchants found the processing charges and machine rental costs were eating up their profits. If they wanted to change processing companies, they were often hit with huge exit charges. This new computer-based payment processing system better meets the challenges of the 21st century and is much more affordable.

The bulky, expensive credit card machine is replaced by the merchant’s own computer. Very little if any equipment is required to be able to accept multiple new forms of payment options. Customers that are signed up with the right service can use their smartphones to pay for purchases. For more information, go to the website.