Study: My Understanding of Security


Those companies whose operational activities involves detecting various acts of unlawfully acquiring information from firms are known as the Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies. These organizations normally engages in very competent and advanced technology that can facilitate the identification of different forms of hidden information bugs such as cameras and audio recorders. The major objective of the surveillance countermeasure organizations is to be able to locate any existing limitations in the company’s communication channel which those who may harbor ill intentions to the organization may use it.

The surveillance of the organizations is normally given to those people who are perceived to poses the necessary technical skills in surveillance countermeasure practices. There are many ways through which surveillance countermeasure activities can be done.

The surveillance countermeasure firms use radio receivers when trying to identify data bugs that might transmit information in any form. The use of this method is therefore quite effective as it is known that most data is normally transmitted by means of air. There are however some forms of bugs that are quite hard to detect as they do not transmit information using radio frequencies. For the surveillance countermeasure companies to be able to identify these bugs, they have to deploy the use of technological knowledge and skills that are more advanced. The surveillance company may therefore use specialized equipments that are able to detect magnetic field s that are generated by the hidden bugs. Similarly, the firm can deploy the use of equipments that are able to detect the electronic noises that may emerge from the use of the bugs.

The Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies relies on various technologies to detect the various forms of hidden bugs that are meant to breach information from the company. Broadband technology is used to identify any radio frequencies that may not be associated with those of the company. Electromagenetic fields that should not appear anywhere in the organization’s system are always detected by the use of the frequency scanner. A non-linear junction detector is a tool that is used to identify the various eavesdropping equipment that may have been placed in the organization. Those components of the organization’s copper wire that link to its phone and other communication channels which are of questionable integrity is usually tested by the use of time-domain reflectometry.

The desire by companies to have their privacy to some crucial information is therefore a key aspect that the Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Companies do. The desire to withhold some information is there in every person or organization. The services of the surveillance countermeasure companies thus assist companies to remain secretive.

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